Each photo shoot is different so we tailor your experience to suit you. We are used to all sorts of situations and characters, so don’t worry if you have a stubborn toddler or grumpy granny.... we will capture the Magical Milestones.

Most viewings are offered on the day of Photography depending on the diary and you of course. Either way, our best deals are on the day that you view your pictures. This is when we set the time aside to help you create your own, tailor made packages. You can pay in full on the day or leave a deposit...whichever is best for you.

Your Photoshoot

Your shoot will last around half an hour and there is plenty of time for a couple of outfits. We recommend light, cotton clothing and light/neutral colours. Avoid dark colours, especially black as you will see no definition in your bump. If you are brave enough to show some skin, then bring a couple of strappy tops too (try to avoid wearing a bra for at least 2 hours before the shoot to prevent marks)
Bring any special things you may have bought for the baby eg. Booties

Newborn Photoshoot (0-12 weeks)
A magical time for you and your baby. They are only tiny once and you will be amazed at how quickly they grow. If you try and give baby a big feed before the shoot and some playtime, they should be nice and sleepy for your photograph session. Bring plenty of supplies as your little one will most likely need extra milk and a nappy change. A couple of vests and sleepsuits will be fine. If you feed baby yourself, don’t worry, our studio is private and comfortable. We heat the room to a lovely temperature for those sleepy, curly wurly shots. We spend plenty of time getting your little one comfortable and can use lots of blankets and props if you wish. Bring anything you would like on the pictures eg. Something with their name on

Beautiful Babies and Cheeky Children - (12 weeks + )
A fun photoshoot for those cheeky smiles! The shoot will last around half an hour which is plenty of time. Bring a couple of outfits – we recommend light/neutral/pastel shades plus something bright and bold (avoid dark colours). If you let us build a rapport with your little one then we can be friends! It can be a little overwhelming if we put too much pressure on our children to smile, so the best thing is to sit back and relax and let us do all the work. We have various props and backgrounds to use but please feel free to bring anything that your child loves eg. A favourite teddy

Fabulous Family (up to 6 people)
Pretend you love each other and we promise you will have fun.... The shoot will be around half an hour. If you have children, bring a couple of outfit changes for them. Light/neutral/pastel colours work best plus maybe something bright. Shoes and socks will be off (prepare people in advance!) If you co-ordinate as a group (you don’t have to match) eg. whites and blues, lilac and coral. We will concentrate on the family group in a variety of poses, traditional and more fun/natural. We can also offer the breakdowns eg. mum with the kids, dad with the kids etc.

Large Family (6 people +)
Congratulations on organising such a feat! The shoot could last up to an hour. We ask if you can all meet at an agreed location so you can all arrive at the studio together. We have found with large groups that if someone arrives early and someone is late everyone is out of sync and we want your shoot to be relaxed and stress free. Please see above (fabulous family for clothing and breakdown recommendations)

Perfect Pets
We love a challenge so don’t worry, we are experienced in all sorts of pet photography. The shoot will last around half an hour and we will use various backgrounds and styles. If you are brave enough to have pictures with your pet then wear colours that compliment you and your pet. We always say go for lighter neutral colours where possible so for example if you have a black dog, maybe wear beige. A white dog you could wear light pink.

Contact us for details

Contact us for details

Vintage Fairytales
Please see our dedicated Fairytale Portrait section for more information on this Magical Experience.

The Viewing
We usually offer the chance to view on the same day as photography. After your photoshoot, it will take us approximately 20 minutes to get your pictures ready to look at. You are welcome to stay in the studio but we usually recommend get some fresh air and taking a look around our “Village in the Town” on Wesley Street. There are some fantastic, independent shops. We will happily make you a lovely drink when you return, ready to look at your beautiful pictures.
It’s a great idea to have in mind what you want as when you see the pictures it is very difficult to choose. Don’t worry, we are here to help and will advise on sizes and the best package deals etc. All our packages come with a printable cd too so you can keep all the pictures from the session. If you haven’t already, then please take a look at our prices page.

Get the Best from your experience

Get the Best From Your Experience